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It is located on the northern Sicilian coast, about 70 km from Palermo,
It is one of the largest seaside resorts in the region; despite its size, every year attracts a huge number of local, national and foreign tourists who, in summer, get to triple the population, making crowded the main squares and the most important streets of the country.
The town, which is part of the Madonie Park, is included in the club of The most beautiful villages in Italy, the association of small Italian towns that stand out for their great artistic, cultural and historical importance and livability.
The town, developed around the Cathedral of Cefalù, which in 2015 was declared World Heritage by UNESCO, wanted by Roger II, has preserved over the centuries its ancient appearance, with its narrow streets of the old town, typically medieval. The palaces that enrich the city are made up of architectural decorations and the numerous churches show the importance of the bishop’s seat.
The town, in its medieval core, is located under the fortress of Cefalù, a cliff overlooking the sea that characterizes it landscape.
The coast of Cefalù stretches for about 30 km[ between Lascari and Pollina and alternates long stretches of straight beach with bays and small coves of both sandy and rocky nature with low rocks or even high ridges and sheer drop to the sea.
For lovers of the sea and relaxation we recommend the months that go from April to June and from September to November, to enjoy a mild climate and lots of relaxation, if you appreciate the populated beach and the clubs full of life, also prefer the months of July and August.

Cefalù Wedding Location

In Cefalù you can choose your location by opting for hotels with sea views, international resorts or relais on the hills, which will give you breathtaking sunsets and charming nature. Selecting the right place for you and your guests will be an honor.
Get married in Sicily, nature, culture and our history will be a perfect and unforgettable setting. It will be amazing

Wedding Planner Cefalù

Cefalu will be a great half for your wedding reception if you need a small village where you can comfortably gather your guests from all over the world. Staying in hotels and b&b’s close to each other you will have the opportunity to make them arrive at the place of the ceremony or at the place of the reception walking. And also to discover glimpses of a suggestive Sicily.



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