This changes the course of our life; celebrating by sharing our life force and enriching us with good emotions.

Sicilianozze also takes care of planning events throughout Sicily, from small receptions to exclusive parties. A charming evening, a job promotion, a party, an anniversary, your birthday, the birth of your child, Christmas parties, the inauguration of your new home, everything can be a good reason to celebrate life.a


A playful and joyful atmosphere punctuated by suggestive ballets, a grand gourmet show cooking and linen roses to wrap delicious confetti. And the sea, always beautiful setting for a family event in style.

Timing, decorations, staging, music and gourmet, with our meticulous attention to every detail, that day will remain engraved forever in your memory and in that of your envoys.

Sicilianozze organize of events in Sicily

Sicilianozze puts its creativity and passion also at the service of the planning of events. From private parties to corporate events to exhibitions, every opportunity is an opportunity to create happy memories, to be created with originality, elegance and the ability to think out the box that is the true hallmark of our agency. The events signed Sicilianozze are characterized by creativity and harmony and you create them: we devote heart and energy to shape what you want and in the way you have imagined it, so that every occasion can be transformed into an emotion to live for ever.

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