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At Sicilianozze we do not limit ourselves to providing the basic services required for a wedding planner. We work to create an orchestra of professionals who together write and play a unique work.


Sicily is a land so varied and rich in history that allows you to set up any type of marriage. Volcanic slopes, historic cities, beaches, cathedrals, open-air churches, luxury hotels, golf clubs, private villas, private tuna boats, islands. A wonderful climate, with a lush spring, an endless summer, a cozy autumn and a mild winter.

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It is the added value of Sicilianozze, the art of enhancing any location inspired by the taste and personality of our clients. Logistics, scenography, lights, everything adapts and is renewed for new needs, we study, we provide an identity to every project, we create: that’s how we make dreams come true.


Wedding music, the most varied musical bands, DJs, customized performances and choreography, serenades, pyrotechnic games, everything can happen during one of our events.

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Sicily, thanks to its endless colonization, has a very varied culinary tradition. We rely on brilliant chefs and starred partners to offer those traditions and reinterpretations that make our cuisine famous all over the world.


Under the meticulous control of Valentina Barrile, the wedding day is scheduled and punctuated with a timing in which everyone knows what to do and when to do it. The attentive, watchful and timely eye of Valentina makes sure that during the event everything proceeds as planned and even better.

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Sicilianozze Wedding Planners, Party Planners & Event Design

We take care of wedding arrangements. Elegant, glamorous, fun designs for weddings and celebrations for clients who require a high level of service and an unforgettable event. Our Italian and international clientele has entrusted us with this responsibility for 10 years. From weddings to birthday parties, anniversaries, parties, business or cultural dinners, every event is an opportunity for us to create something magical. Our customers choose us because we recognize competence, seriousness and professionalism, but also for our empathy and authenticity, as well as appreciating the way we value our Sicily in its oldest and most cool aspects. Founder Valentina Barrile, a wedding expert who has been operating throughout Sicily for 10 years.

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