Wedding Planner Valentina Barrile
Wedding Planner Valentina Barrile
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Her refined soul leads her to take care of every detail, every nuance that makes a wedding unique. Great sense of responsibility and attention to the emotional aspect of the spouses. Her proximity will make you feel serene. Her honesty, her diligence and her regard make it a point of reference.
You have a dream in mind, Valentina will help you to realize it.

Valentina Barrile the wedding planner in Palermo most famous of Sicily


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How Sicilianozze was born

In 2003 Valentina designs, writes and creates Sicilianozze.it, the first information portal in Sicily on weddings word. Dreamer by vocation, Valentina cultivates her passion for the wedding world and in 2007 she welcomed requests for help from some future spouses for the planning of their weddings. During her first marriage, her heart beats strong and she understands that this exciting role really pleases her: to realize the dreams of lovers becomes her mission. And with determination, passion and even a pinch of magic, Sicilianozze turns into a wedding planner agency for special weddings and Valentina, as Cristian and Ester said, in wedding woman.


The main objective of our company is the realization of an event that goes beyond the expectations of the spouses. Our planning service provides a careful management control, a design that expresses the tastes and style of our customers and a realization, in its most precise form, of a tailor-made wedding.

We always try to improve ourselves and our goal is to exceed expectations and to amaze the forecasts. We work hard on targeted proposals and at achieving the set goals.

The clientele is Italian and international and includes customers who want to enjoy only the most private aspects of their event, serene that everything else is in good hands.

The wedding planners in Palermo for Sicily: Sicilianozze


Eclectic, because every project is new and because I harmonize my experience and my skills with the tastes of my spouses.

I love to look at a place with new eyes, to reinterpret it and see beyond the outcome. Discover the strengths and enhance them, change the logistics if it gives greater emphasis to the spaces, insert new elements that blend well with the existing, to transform it to a place never seen, almost fairytale, all this amuses me and satisfies our customers. That’s how I intend a wedding site inspection.

Whether it’s a vintage wedding, formal, country chic, boho chic, princely or nonconformist, ecofriendly, minimal, retro, modern, with Sicilian or foreign influences, we make it, as long as it is elegant in all its forms.


Thanks to all the spouses who have chosen me and have given me confidence, thanks for your smiles, your hugs and your compliments always welcome. Without you I would not have had the privilege of doing my enchanting job.

Thanks to all my suppliers (who, let’s say it, after all they are also romantics) who with enthusiasm and sometimes even with perplexity also support my crazy ideas, which patiently accept my demanding requests, which with professionalism always try to do not disappoint me, leaving me satisfied and aiming in every way to the customer’s happiness.

Thanks to the men of my life, my husband and my children, to be there and to support my being a woman and my audacious work in its “more articulated” form.

Why a wedding planner. Why Sicilianozze

Planning a wedding is not just a practical matter. Every choice, every solution is an invention that combines taste and practicality, elegance and efficiency. Valentina, and her team of Sicilianozze, has been working as a wedding planner for years, with devotion, passion and a constant desire to innovate. Every wedding represents a new challenge because every couple is different. And through reception, locations, music, entertainment, it is possible to give shape to ideas, substance to suggestions, concreteness to desires. There is the real challenge of the wedding planner, a challenging, exciting challenge that never ceases to give joy to all clients who choose to turn to Sicilianozze.