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Founded in 729 B. C. by the Chalcis of nearby Naxos, the city boasts a millennial history characterized by various dominations whose remains enrich its artistic, architectural and cultural heritage. Under the Aragonese dynasty it was the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. Throughout its history it has been repeatedly affected by volcanic eruptions (the most imposing, in historical times, is that of 1669). Catania was home, native or adopted, to some of the most famous artists and writers in Italy, including composers Vincenzo Bellini and Giovanni Pacini and writers Giovanni Verga, Luigi Capuana, Federico De Roberto, Nino Martoglio, Vitaliano Brancati. The baroque town centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Catania is the main industrial, logistical and commercial center of Sicily, is home to Vincenzo Bellini Airport, the largest in Southern Italy. The city is the economic and infrastructural fulcrum of the District of South-East Sicily.

What characterizes Catania is its intimate and direct coexistence with the volcano Etna (the highest active volcano in Europe) also this classified by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wedding locations in Catania

Its period palaces, full of stuccoes and frescoes, fill the historic center of the city and will be the perfect setting for your high-sounding wedding and formal. For a more friendly wedding, immersed in the suggestive and flourishing nature of Catania, we move around, on the slopes of Mount Etna which presence exudes strength and spirituality, to enjoy locations with breathtaking views, including plains, hills, oases and parks that offer a unique spectacle Charming Relais, Mediterranean farms and gardens, to crown your dream in the lush and flowering Sicilian green.

Wedding Planner Catania

Catania is effervescent and cheerful, delightful with its musical accent and involves with its evocative places.
It seems to enter into a story of Verga and the nature that you breathe brings the breeze of the Ionian Sea and the freshness of Etna.
If you want a wedding with impressive scenery you are in the right place.
Let your dream come true: Get married in Sicily, nature, culture and our history will be a perfect and unforgettable setting.




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