Amazing wedding in Palermo

On the Pope’s day in Palermo, the daughter of the former head of the Romanian secret services says “Yes to her Prinţişor”


Meneghina Tonnara

From Milan to Sicily for love, to breathe history, authenticity, tradition and charm


French diplomacy

A meeting between two diplomats, the French nobility, the Sicilian grace, the guests from all over the world, gathered for sound celebrations

wedding venues in sicily
traditional sicilian wedding


Meeting of worlds away

The essence of Sicily, the multiculturalism of London and the beauty from much further…


A 100-year long wait

The First Marriage celebrated after 100 years in a jewel of Sicily, San Giovannello in Ortigia. A privilege, a challenge

destination wedding sicilia
wedding sicily country


Indelible joy

An unconvetional party, effervescent in fun and romantic in the expression of feelings


Feathers and Sicilian Romanticism

Gattopardo atmospheres between golds putti, feathers, roses and orchids

wedding venue in sicily


From the Serpotta to the rose garden

Two doctors on the front line gave themselves a romantic dream


An Island in the island

Hipster atmospheres with a Sicilian flavor

wedding sicily country


Emotions in the open air

A lunar landscape at the beginning on a hill in the open country has become, looking a bit beyond dreams, a perfect set for the wedding ceremony


At the Castle en chapeau

An Art Nouveau architecture overlooks the famous and beautiful promontory of Monte Pellegrino. Where dreams meet sky

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Getting married in Sicily: the most evocative places

Getting married in Sicily means welcoming the history, tradition, essence and colors of a unique land in the world. A millenary culture that embraces the most varied arts, extraordinary natural scenery, typicality and suggestions.

Sicilianozze is an encounter between the love for one’s own land, Sicily, of course, and for the marriage, with all that it represents and with all the thousand artistic and expressive possibilities it offers to those who are able to catch them.

Sicilianozze accompanies you in choosing the best location for you, the one best suited to represent your spirit and to support your desires, so that your wedding can be exactly as you have always imagined it or even better than you have ever dreamed of.

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